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The cards are printed on plastic — a bit more expensive than paper, but they will last in wallets or pockets and make it through the laundry. FRANKFORT — Federal investigators looking into allegations of abuse of power by Gov. Paul Patton have asked his former mistress about campaign contributions, the woman said Monday.
Tina Conner, a one-time political contact for the Patton administration who is now suing the governor for sexual harassment, said campaign contributions was one topic of questioning by the FBI during an interview in Louisville on Friday. She declined to say specifically what the investigators were asking about campaign contributions. Her lawyer would not let her answer further questions about the interview, but told reporters she had thus far been given immunity for everything she has told the FBI sydney settlement agents.

Conner, who operates an embattled Clinton nursing home was, for a time, Patton’s patronage chief in Hickman County, an unofficial post in which she served as the chief political contact for the governor in the far-western Kentucky county. She has also been the chairwoman of the county’s Democratic party, a position in which she would have been contacted by people wanting to give money to political campaigns, her lawyer, Fred Radolovich, has said. Conveyancers are always helping in preparing conveyancing sydney reports and encourage our clients to take advantage of our Conveyancing services. Conner answered questions from reporters in Frankfort on Monday following a court hearing on her sexual harassment suit against Patton and the state of Kentucky. Conner alleges Patton gave her favors during their two-year sexual relationship, but retaliated against her nursing home after she refused to continue the affair. The business subsequently lost Medicaid and Medicare funding and has filed for bankruptcy.
Patton has admitted having an “inappropriate relationship” with Conner but denies any abuse of his office. Lawyers for Patton and the state asked Franklin Circuit Judge Roger Crittenden to dismiss parts of the lawsuit, arguing that sexual harassment laws only protect employer-employee relationships and that Conner was never an employee of the state.

Conner serves on two state panels: the Institute on Aging, and the Kentucky Lottery Board. And her nursing home, Birchtree Healthcare, is also regulated by the state. A lawyer for the state also argued that it should be dropped as a defendant because Conner was asking for damages from Patton only.
“This begs the question, why is the commonwealth here?” Lexington attorney Anita Britton said during arguments Monday. Crittenden is expected to rule in two to three weeks. Conner’s lawsuit makes five claims against Patton and the state, most of which Patton’s lawyer, Sheryl Snyder of Louisville, asked Crittenden to dismiss. Two other claims — including one added after the original suit saying Patton defamed Conner when he denied the affair and called her a “desperate woman” — will be addressed soon, said Snyder.

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Why property valuer matter in winery valuations?

Wine industry incumbents would find working in the vinery environment a striking and unique experience since wineries appear attractive, sophisticated, elegant, alluring and appealing. The charm that the vineyard site visits offer is highly exotic in itself. Then there is the fascinating concept of indulging into some quality control testing to guarantee that the wine meets the owners’ claims and relishes expectations. Notwithstanding the sensation that glooms in the realm of wine business, various concerns arise when an enthusiast is eager on conducting a winery valuation activity. The operating and organization structure of a winery leaves a major influence on the cash flows and on the subsequent value that establishes for prospective buyers.

Some of the pertinent considerations for a property valuer considering to plan and execute a winery valuation engagement are discussed here for your information. The method of book-keeping either being on a cash or accrual basis is a basic element of inquiry to begin with. Winery accounting standards differ according to the employed accounting method. This outcome of this consideration influences all three basic valuation approaches viz. income, asset, and market based methods. Learning about the inventory costing methodology being utilized since it is a significant challenge in wine business analysis is also vital for a vineyard property valuer.

A winery valuation may also employ the first-in, first-out (FIFO) costing methodology. Here, the winery ensues all expenses and assigns the cost of grapes, bulk wine, production costs, bottling materials, and indirect costs to the bulk and bottled wine inventory. The costs are gathered in inventory until the wine is sold and the costs of the specific individual cases of wine are relocated to cost of goods sold.

Wineries may also evaluate their inventory using the last-in, first-out (LIFO) system of inventory costing. Hereby, a winery costs its inventory identical to the FIFO method, but when allotting costs to the income statement, it employs the final case of wine produced to establish the cost of goods sold.

The property valuer would also consider the location aspect of valuing a winery as it has a great influence on the business and profit potential of the vineyard.  The analysis of a winery also comprises investigating the existence or absence of an appellation right to be valued. Untapped tax savings, if any, can influence the valuation largely. In order to claim a deduction, a competent, thoroughly backed valuation of the relevant vineyards is a must by a registered property valuer.

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Keen On Improving Your Wine Making Business – Read On

GROUP_WINES_t670x470Australia is a wonderful country with wonderful people. It is one of the most sought after tourist destination and anyone who has a tour in mind would always have an itinerary down under always in his or her mind. At the same time Australia is also famous for world class wine and other alcoholic drinks. These drinks are exported far and wide. Apart from providing thousands of millions of dollars by way of foreign exchange there is no doubt that it also is a big factor as far as the economy is concerned. It employs thousands of people and for many these wine making units are family businesses which they have been running for hundreds of years.

While all this is fine, there is increasing competition in the foreign markets even for these quality wines and other alcoholic drinks. Therefore, it is important for even the well settled wine makers to find out ways and means by which they can move their business from one level of success to another and also survive the onslaught of competition from other countries. The best way is to consolidate the entire wine making industry and merging smaller players with bigger ones. This might look a bit inhuman but there is no doubt that inorganic growth is the only way by which it would be possible for these rural wine makers to take on big giants in the international wine making industry.

This certainly would call for taking over some existing wine business and merging it with the bigger ones. Though this inorganic growth mode is certainly a good move implementing it on the ground is not easy. There are a number of things that must be kept in mind and it certainly would call for thinking through the entire process and only then taking a decision. There would also be the need to take the help and services of many professionals including financial conveyancing sydney experts, property lawyers and last but not the least property valuers and appraisers.

The main role of these professionals is to give the right advice and counsel to the owners which would enable them to take an objective decision based on facts. For example the role of property valuers is important because they will be valuing the unit that is being planned for takeover. Since the entire takeover could be worth thousands of dollars a careful valuation is must. However, the conventional building valuers will not be able to do the job and specialist valuers should be hired for the job.

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Simple Steps For Taking Wine Making To Higher Levels Of Success

wine-making-grapes-growing-02Buying and selling of real estate properties, big and small keep happening almost on a daily basis. If you get in touch with those who are into real estate buying and selling on a regular basis, they will be able to tell you how difficult it is to handle valuation which is an important component of real estate business. What is the main purpose of property valuation and what does the report show? Let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines.

The main purpose of real estate valuation is to ensure that the buyers and sellers get to have and clear information about the fair market value of the property in question. There are many type of real estate purchase and buying out new vineyards is one such example. This is because when it comes to making of wine growing the right types of fruits is of paramount importance. Towards this objective buying the right vineyard is also very important. Towards this objective looking out for the right vineyard take lot of time, effort and once it has been identified lot of money might also be required.

When it comes to identifying the right vineyard and knowing more about it the role of property valuers is extremely important. They can help not only in identifying the right vineyard but could also help you with the entire process of buying the vineyard. They could play a big role in helping you to have the right information about the fair market value of the property. They willalso go deep into the property details and find out more information regarding the age of the vineyard, the quality of soil, the irrigation facilities available, the historical average yields, the location of the vineyard just to name a few.

All the above information will certainly help you to buy the right vineyard based on facts. Many valuers also help you with a road map that you should follow for maximizing revenues from the new vineyard. They will also assist you in working out a time period by which you can start making reasonable profits out of such purchases. If they find that the purchase in unviable in terms of projected yields and business potential, they will be the first ones who will ask you to move away from the contract. Hence, the role of property valuers is important when buying a new vineyard.

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Simple Steps When Taking Over Vineries

lugsWine and alcoholic drinks certainly have a big market not only in this country but across the world. Today, Australia is considered to be one of the leading producers of quality wine. Apart from catering to the huge domestic demand, the country is also able to export quite a bit to some very developed and also developing countries. Australian wines are well known for their quality and age. It also provides jobs to thousands of people and quite a few of them are located in the rural areas. Hence, it is a mainstay as far as the rural economy is concerned. In this article we will try and find out the various steps to be kept in mind if someone is planning to buy a new vineyard.

Buying a new vineyard is no easy business and it has to be thought through fully. There are a number of points that should be taken into account. First and foremost you must be certain that such a buyout is necessary. The best way to grow a business is the organic route under the normal circumstances. Only when the organic growth route has been fully explored should one think about think about going in for inorganic growth mode. Inorganic growth is all about buying out new vineries in a bid to augment raw material supplies. While this could be a good idea, you should be sure that you have enough manufacturing facilities, human resources and logistic support to support such a buyout. You must also be certain that you have the right market to cater to in view of the increased production. Therefore thinking through the process in complete detail and discussing it threadbare with professionals is very important.

You must take into account the fact that you may have to spend thousands or even millions of dollars buying prime vineries. The role of property valuers and appraisers becomes very crucial when you buy such vineries. They must have experience in valuing vineries which is not an easy job. It is completely different when compared to valuing real estate properties and buildings. The parameters are completely different. The valuers have to take into account the size of the vinery, the soil condition, the existing irrigation facilities, the historical yields, location of the vinery just to name a few. Further they should also help the wine manufacturers to have an idea regarding the future cash flows and expected revenues both in the medium and long term.

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Inorganic Growth Of Wine Business – Some Tips And Suggestions

shutterstock_66982447There is no doubt that Australia is considered to be one of the biggest producers and exporters of world quality wine. It exports its world class wine to many countries. Apart from helping the country to earn millions of dollars in foreign exchange, they also play a big role in providing employment to thousands of people across various parts of Australia. It would also be pertinent to mention here that for many families making wine has been a traditional business and they have been in it for many decades or perhaps even centuries. In spite of the robust and continued domestic and foreign demand for quality Australian wine, competition is also increasing in this industry. More numbers of players are getting into the business. Hence, even traditional and well entrenched players are feeling the heat. It is quite normal for such players to find out ways and means to still continue growing so that they are ahead of competition at all points in time.

Towards this objective it has been found that it may not be possible even for the best wine manufacturing companies to grow organically for an indefinite period of time. At some stage the growth will start petering and will reach a plateau. Under such circumstances it is very important for such wine manufacturing companies to look for inorganic growth means. They can either buy out some existing and well running wine manufacturing business. Alternately, they can augment their raw material source by buying out vineyards. Fruits are the most important raw materials for making wine and therefore buying a vineyard does make lot of sense as far as inorganic growth means are concerned.

However, buying an existing vineyard is not an easy task. It is important to gather all the information and knowledge before moving forward. The cost of such vineyard buyouts could run into thousands or even millions of dollars. It is therefore very important for the buyers to be doubly sure before putting in their hard money in to such purchases. The role of various professionals including that of real estate property valuers and appraisers is very important. They play a big role in helping these buyers to get the right information about the value of the vineyards. They use various tools, methods and information inputs before coming out with the fair value of the same. They take into account, age, quality of soil, irrigation facilities, past average yields and other information before assigning the fair value for the same.

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How To Inorganically Grow Your Wine Business

6a00d8341c018253ef0120a573fb2d970b-600wi (1)While there is no doubt that this country is well known for some of the best wines in the world, it also is a fact that competition in this industry is growing rapidly from many other countries in the world. However, in spite of stiff competition, Australian wines are considered to be one of the best in the world. There are thousands of people who are employed in this industry and it has been a family business for many rural families for generations. It certainly also plays a big role in earning millions of dollars as foreign exchange to the country. In spite of all the above being on the positive side the organic growth story of many of these wine manufacturers is seemingly getting over. This is because of various reasons, competition being one of them. Further the wineries in which the raw materials are being sourced are also getting old. Hence the yield of fruits that are so important is getting reduced year after year. Under such circumstances it is very important to look for alternate sources by which the existing business can continue to grow. Buying out existing wine business or vineyards is often considered to be a very smart and intelligent way out.

There are certainly a number of benefits when one decides to buy a vineyard. It helps them to augment their main source of raw material. It therefore helps them to expand capacity and this in turn will help their business to grow from one level of success to another. However, buying out an existing vineyard is easier said than done. There should be quite a few important facts that should be kept in mind.

The age of the vineyard, the quality of soil that it is made up of, the irrigation facilities that are available are a few points that have to be carefully examined before moving further into the subject matter. It is important to seek the help and assistance of professional valuers and appraisers. They can play a big role in helping in such buyouts. Apart from establishing the accurate value of the vineyard they can also play a role in helping the buyers to get a long term perspective of such buyouts.

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How To Buy A New Wine Manufacturing Business Successfully

property valuation professionalsThere is no doubt that wine manufacturing business is a very profitable and long standing business. It is in fact an important source of foreign exchange for this country apart from providing employment to thousands of people, especially in the rural areas. For many wine manufacturing is a family business in which they have been indulgent for the past many decades. However, with increasing competition and changing customer behavior and buying practices, it is now becoming difficult for even established wine merchants and manufacturers to move the business to higher levels of success. Under such circumstances it is important for them to find out better ways and means to not only survive but also improve their business. Towards this objective, there are quite a few steps that could be taken and one such option is to take over an existing wine manufacturing unit.

While this is without any doubt a good opportunity to grow inorganically it has to be done very carefully after weighing the pros and cons. There has to be a thorough due diligence process and it has to be done by qualified and experienced professionals. The decision has to be carried forward only when it is viable and manageable from the long term perspective. Amongst the many professionals who are very important, the role of real estate lawyers/advocates, property valuation professionals and others are worth mentioning.

The role of property valuers when buying vine manufacturing units is crucial because of many reasons. First and foremost, they play a big role in valuing the entire unit and help the buyer to have a clear idea about the fair market value of the property. Valuing a vine manufacturing unit is not the same as valuing any other real estate home or apartment. The parameters are different, the inputs are different and the valuation methods and systems can also be different. It is therefore very important for buyers to look for valuers who have relevant experience and expertise in this area.

Apart from the fair market value, which is just one part of the entire assignment, the valuer should also play a role in helping the buyer to have information whether such a buy out is viable and manageable in the medium and long term.

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How Valuation Can Help Inorganic Growth Of Brewery Business

MA-FlowAustralia is one of the most well known and reputed manufacturer of world class wines. These wines are treasured in many parts of the world. They help in bringing lot of foreign exchange apart from helping to provide employment to thousands of people. There is no doubt that for many decades it has been a family business and therefore plays an important role in the economy of the country. However, growing showing growth in the brewery business year or after through the organic way would be quite difficult. Hence, at some point in time it becomes important to look out for inorganic growth avenues. This is nothing but planning and buying an up and running brewery business.

Buying an existing brewery business is a very complex and difficult job. There are a number of things that must be taken into account. It is very important to go through a well thought out and thorough due diligence process. This cannot be done by the buyer himself. He certainly will have to take the help of professionals to get the job done. You have to get in touch with the best of financial experts, chartered accountants, real estate lawyers and attorneys and last but not the least, real estate valuers.

The role of property valuers is very important because of various reasons. They will play a big role in assessing the fair market value of the brewery. However, the valuation will not be on the same lines as valuing real estate properties. Valuing a brewery is a completely different cup of tea. It is a big job and calls for having a look at the plant and machineries, other movable and immovable assets, the quality of human resources. The breweries could also be having their own vineyards which also should be looked up very carefully. Further, the valuers should also be in a position to advise the customer whether such a buyout will be worthwhile and feasible in the long run. The valuer will have to take into account the cash flow that will be generated by such buyouts. The cash flow should certainly be able to take care of at least the day to day running expenses for a period of time before it starts generating profits.

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Planning To Buy A Vineyard – Keep The Following Points In Mind

vineyard-development-2There is no doubt that fruits and certain types of vegetables form the main raw material for some of the best wines that are manufactured. Hence having the right vineyard that produces the best of fruits is of paramount importance. When a wine manufacturer is looking for inorganic growth avenues it is quite likely that he will be on the lookout for buying some good vineyards. While this is a good decision, as a buyer one should know the basic information for buying the right vineyards.

To begin with the decision to buy a vineyard should be taken after careful consideration. This is because it could mean investing thousands or even millions of dollars. The next important point that needs to be kept in mind is the importance of recruiting the right professional to help in such buyouts. Buying a vineyard certainly requires the help of qualified, experienced and capable property valuers.

When looking for such valuers care should be taken to ensure that they have the right experience and expertise in this field. Buying a real estate apartment or commercial premises is one thing and buying a vineyard is a completely different ball game. The dynamics and considerations are quite different. Therefore it is important to look only for those valuers who have specific experience and expertise in valuing vineyards. For example, they should be experts in understanding the soil condition, the irrigation facilities, the average historical yield and other such important attributes and characteristics. Last but not the least, the valuers must also present a solid and justifiable case in favor of such inorganic growth options. The revenue that will be generated from such buyouts should be justifiable and sustainable over a long term period.

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